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Monty Python's The Republican Party

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Meaning-of-life.jpgIf you have noticed my absence over the last few days, I have been recovering from a horrible allergy season and the sinus infection and chest cold that comes along with it. Thanks to all the Benadryl (the non drowsy stuff never seems to help) and feeling like hell, I have slept more over the last five days than I have in the entire month of August. Thankfully Bil has given me time to recover.

While I have been parked on the couch, I've gone through the Comcast On-Demand menu until there is nothing but B-movies and Ancient Aliens left unseen - at least in the free sections.

But last night I found one that I had missed - Monty Python's Meaning of Life. It had been years since I had seen it. Holy Grail and Life of Brian have stayed in regular circulation, but Meaning of Life just never stuck with me.

I blame this partially on the fact that I first saw this movie with my dad pre-birds & the bees talk and most of the humor went over my head for very obvious reasons. Since then, I have only seen it twice, and one of those times was last night.

I had completely forgot about one of the opening numbers, and it immediately brought my mind to the Republican Party and their attacks on women's health and family planning.

"Every Sperm Is Sacred," is amazingly irreverent and sacrilegious - making it perfect satire that is still as relevant today as in 1983 (I assume - I was born in 1984).

While the song takes a jab specifically at the Catholic Church, in the US today, it's a whole damn party.

The video is NSFW if your office has a problem with nuns and children singing about male ejaculate. If you are easily offended, I apologize. But remember folks, it's only funny because it is true. Check it out after the jump.

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