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Non-Showtunes Sing-Off: 'I Say a Little Prayer'

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Sleeve_BIg_I_say_a_little_prayer.jpgSeeing as I already posted a Showtunes Sing-off this week, I thought I'd switch things up.

Though technically, I first knew this song through a movie, which kinda makes it a musical, which kinda makes it a showtune - right? Sure. So you get to decide whether this is a Showtunes Sing-off or a Non-Showtunes Sing-off.

I'm definitely showing my age here, but long before I heard Aretha Franklin of Dionne Warwick give this song the justice it deserves, "I Say a Little Pray" was the song that made a restaurant sing in My Best Friend's Wedding. Like a good queer little brother, my sister and I would watch this over and over and over on VHS, and this was always my favorite scene.

Due to this, I have a still unfulfilled dream of making a restaurant sing ("Happy Birthday" doesn't count). In the modern world of flash-mobs, you'd think this would be easy to do. But since I require this to be completely spontaneous, no planning can take place before hand.

The other problem - I can't sing. I think my only hope would be to start a song, and others would join in just to drown me out - and alcohol would definitely need to be involved.

In the movie, Rupert Everett's character informs us that the original was performed by Dionne Warwick. It wasn't until high school and the days of Napster that I ever heard the original.

I now own an excellent copy of Aretha's version on vinyl, and it is in regular circulation at my apartment - and by far my favorite.

As always, check out the clips below and let me know who you think did it best. Did I leave someone out that you think deserves credit? Leave a link in the comments.

Let the sing-off begin.

Cast of My Best Friend's Wedding

Dionne Warwick

Aretha Franklin

Whitney Houston & Natalie Cole


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