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This Week at Rancho Bilerico: Visitors Log

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Rancho Bilerico is hopping this week. I've said before that the biggest perk to living in DC now is how many folks come to stay and this is a pretty darn good week in the Projector visitation calendar.

Late last week I caught a summer flu that knocked me on my can for days. Contributor John Becker was supposed to arrive in time for the bigstock-Ranch-guard-24220490.jpgValues Voters summit and spend a few nights at the ranch, but had to cancel after a death in his family. In a way, it's a good thing that he wasn't able to attend since I'm 100% certain he would have ended up with the creeping crud I had.

I was feeling sorry for myself late last week between the flu and not being able to see John (if you've met him in person you know he's even more adorable and fun than he is online or on your television screen), when I got some good news.

Patrick Hamilton, one of our newer contributors, was coming to the city to dog sit for a week and wanted to get together. I met him for lunch yesterday followed by coffee; we ended up spending almost three hours together just chatting like old friends. To his credit, I think our face-to-face meeting after only knowing each other online was one of the easiest I've done. His wit and humor is immediately disarming and, for all of those that wrote to me when he started asking "Who is that sexy man?", I can easily say he's 20,000 times more attractive in person.

Today, Jeff Sheng, one of our contributors who's been with us for years, is camped out at the ranch. (In fact, he's sitting beside me on the couch now while I peck this out.) Jeff is in town for a barbeque at the Vice President's home for "the next generation of LGBT leaders." He's spending the night here so I get to see him for a few hours this afternoon and tomorrow morning before he hops a flight back to LA.

Jeff is one of my personal favorites. Back when Jerame and I went to Los Angeles when I won the Bob Craig Media Award, we stayed at Jeff's house and he gave us our first tour of West Hollywood. The only time I've ever picked an orange off a tree and eaten it, was at Jeff's house. I fell in love with his little rat terrier, Trooper, and he's hit it off with our fox terrier, Frieda. She's known for her cranky greetings now that's she old, but she loved him from the moment he walked in the door.

We set up some posts to autopublish today while I hang out with Jeff and I'll try to get some stuff in queue to publish tomorrow morning. If it's a little slow going tomorrow, we'll make up for it later. Promise. Rancher's honor. *grins*

(This isn't really Rancho Bilerico. Or maybe it is...)

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