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Watchdogs Not Lapdogs [Comment of the Week]

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David Lampo stopped by last week's post "Barney Frank Responds to Log Cabin 'Uncle Tom' Controversy." Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgA gay Republican, he wasn't shy about mixing it up with some of our more vociferous Democrats.

David Lampo ยท Works at The Cato Institute
GOProud and Log Cabin have spread the concept of gay rights and legal equality to more people on the right side of the spectrum than Barney Frank and gay democrats could ever dream of. And the fact that you don't give a shit about that shows how one dimensional you are. Thank God you're not the face of gay rights for most people or we'll all be dead before we get to the promised land.

While the idea that Log Cabin has "spread the concept" further to "people on the right side of the spectrum" than Barney Frank and gay democrats could have, isn't in doubt. In fact, that's what's commonly called a "Well, duh..." comment. (GOProud admits they don't fight for LGBT rights. They are gay Republicans who support conservative Republican politics.)

Allow me to re-frame the argument a wee bit. I have a modicum of respect for Log Cabin's work to elect moderate Republicans who support LGBT equality. In the past they've refused to endorse George W. Bush because of his support of a federal marriage amendment, they've run attack ads against Mitt Romney, and they've challenged the worst elements of their own party.

Now, they make excuses for the far right and, in fact, help them along. Their executive director, Clarke Cooper, is on the RNC's finance committee and has raised money for anti-gay candidates like John Boehner and Mitt Romney among others. The group was "disappointed" in this year's party platform that's the most vociferously anti-LGBT in history.

They've become lapdogs instead of watchdogs.

So the question becomes, are the Log Cabin Republicans effective evangelicals? Or have they turned into partisan cheerleaders?

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