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FL House Candidate Randall Terry Calls Samuel L. Jackson 'The New Uncle Tom'

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LGBT civil rights activists and pro-choice women have long been familiar with the publicity-seeking antics of Operation Rescue extremist Randall Terry. Though few knew it, he was running in the Democratic presidential primary against President Obama and had even garnered 18% of the vote in Oklahoma. Terry was publically ashamed of his gay son Jamiel, who died in a head-on car crash last December. Terry is now running for a House seat in South Florida and has purchased limited ad time in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market for his anti-abortion ads. Many of the spots target African American audiences - such as the Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey shows.


But one wonders what the reaction will be to the latest Terry provocation in which he portrays a character he calls "Sir Reginald Bling" and calls popular African American actor Samuel L. Jackson "The New Uncle Tom" for his support for Obama and Planned Parenthood (read the entire press release below). Given the explicit racism seen at a Mitt Romney rally in Ohio where one supporter proudly wore a "Put the White Back in the White House" tee shirt, we may see even more of this crude incivility as the November 6 elections approach. Here's an excerpt from what Terry considers his "comic" poem:

When it's time for the work of the Ku Klux Klan ?- Samuel L Jackson, uh-huh, he's the man.? Unfortunate accidents that he will repeat? - To kill black babies, 'for they're crack heads in the street.? And he'll step and he'll fetch you those voters, so stay calm?. Just hold on to your bottoms, here come Uncle Tom.? Who do racists at Planned Parenthood turn to call on?? Samuel L Jackson, the new Uncle Tom.

Video and more after the break.

Here's the complete press release:

Randall Terry, Candidate for U.S. House, releases: "The New Uncle Tom" at www.UncleTomJackson.net

Recently, Hollywood heavy-hitter Samuel L. Jackson released a get-out-the-vote Dr. Suess styled video entitled "Wake the F*** Up." (See Jackson's unedited video at www.WTFU2012.com)

In his poetic video, Jackson demonstrates, with deadly-seriousness, his support for Obama, his child-killing agenda, and Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest child killer.

Jackson's performance inspired Mr. Terry's video response, played by a character, Sir Reginald Bling.

In his response, Mr. Terry (on the ballot in FL for U.S. House, District 20) employs numerous quotes from Jackson's big-screen characters, weaving them into the theme of Jackson's support of Planned Parenthood.

Here is a sample of the lines from Mr. Terry's comic video "The New Uncle Tom."

When it's time for the work of the Ku Klux Klan ?Samuel L Jackson, uh-huh he's the man.?Unfortunate accidents that he will repeat?To kill black babies, 'for they're crack heads in the street.?And he'll step and he'll fetch you those voters, so stay calm?Just hold on to your bottoms, here come Uncle Tom.?Who do racists at Planned Parenthood turn to call on??Samuel L Jackson, the new Uncle Tom

Mr. Terry states:

"Samuel L. Jackson extolls Planned Parenthood - whose founder Margaret Sanger, was a racist and White Supremacist who wanted to kill black babies. She called blacks 'human weeds.'?"By endorsing Planned Parenthood, Jackson is advocating the eradication of his own race. This should offend Black Americans! And no matter how many Liberal Black American leaders repeatedly mock pro-life, conservative black leaders, calling them "Uncle Toms," they can't change the truth: Just like Uncle Tom did in the famous book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Mr. Jackson is a faithful slave of the status quo. He's doing what the man wants him to do.

See comedy video at: www.UncleTomJackson.net

Paid for by Randall Terry For U.S. House Campaign Committee

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