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Get Out of Jail Free: Justin Bieber's Cyberbullying PSA

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Justin Bieber's new cyberbullying PSA isn't just an awkward eleven minute bit of promotional fluff for New York's Nassua County District Attorney, it's a Get Out Jail Free card for his manager and Justin-Bieber-Cyberbullying.jpga record executive.

The manager and executive were arrested after police ordered a Bieber autograph session at a clothing store shut down over fears someone could get hurt. More than 3,000 teens and younger girls had arrived by 1 p.m. for an event scheduled for 4 p.m., leading to the cancellation.
Prosecutors said police had asked Bieber's staff to send a tweet from his account to notify fans that the event was cancelled. Though they tried, Island Def Jam Record Music Group employees were unable to tweet on Bieber's account because the singer's manager, Scott Braun, had changed the account's password to prevent anyone from cancelling the event.

About 90 minutes after the police made their initial request, they said Braun sent two tweets cancelling the event, and the crowd dispersed within 15 minutes, prosecutors said.

Braun and Def Jam Records executive James Roppo were charged with misdemeanors. The charges were later dropped in a plea agreement that permitted Bieber's record company and a management company to plead guilty to fire code violations, as well as reimburse Nassau County almost $8,000.

Maybe one of you can explain why The Beebs was forced into performing like a trained animal to satisfy the demands of a local prosecutor when he didn't do anything wrong and had no control over a situation that happened at a location where he wasn't present. Even better, the conflict between the po-po and Bieber's management had nothing to do with cyberbullying. I guess a "Don't let your manager break the fire code" PSA wouldn't have had the same punch...

Maybe that's why the video has all the production values of an educational flick narrated by Troy McClure. But, hey, those black glasses make this a very serious subject, amIright?!? The video is after the break.

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