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Showtunes Sing-Off: 'Take That Look Off Your Face'

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Tell-Me-On-A-Sunday.jpgI've been accused of not knowing enough about the shows I use for my sing-off posts to write about them. I usually disagree, but this is one that I must admit to knowing very little about - it's just what my partner David woke me up singing this morning.

"Take That Look Off Your Face," comes from Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1978 one-act song cycle Tell Me on a Sunday. I had never heard of the song or the show until I met David in college (7 years ago last Tuesday!) and at the time he didn't actually know the name of the show, just its two most famous songs.

The origin of his knowledge and love for the songs? A cassette tape of the best of Andrew Lloyd Webber he was given as a gift as a child.

My favorite story from him is that he would blast the tape and sing "Take That Look Off Your Face," as some contractors were doing remodeling on his home. He had an audience, loves the sound of his own voice, and probably was flirting. They, on the other hand, were probably just confused.

Either way, the song as well as the show's title song have entered our regular drunken sing-along list. I love both, but thanks to "Tell Me on a Sunday," I refuse to go for walks in parks with David on Sundays.

Other than David's rendition, I think the original Marti Webb version is the best, but Sarah Brightman comes in at a close second.

As usual, check out the clips after the jump and let me know who you think did it best. Did I miss someone? Give us the link in the comments.

Marti Webb

Sarah Brightman

Helen Walsh

Denise Van Outen

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