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Your Halloween Costume [Open Thread]

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It's Halloween and you know what that means... It's time for costumes!

Halloween-David.jpgSo for today's holiday open thread, let's throw it out to y'all. What's your Halloween costume this year? Did you party last weekend, or do you have plans for tonight?

How about trick-or-treaters? Do you give out candy and goodies or do you live in a highrise or just turn out the lights and pretend you're not home?

Back when we lived in Indianapolis, we had tons of trick-or-treaters every year lining up at our door. We were the cool house on our area of the block. One neighbor was such a devout Christian they only handed out religious tracts about how Satan loves the holiday or some such. On the other side of us the family was Jehovah Witnesses so they obviously didn't give out a damn thing. (They were always one of the "turn the lights out and pretend you're not home people.) We, on the other hand, would have to buy like $70 worth of candy to give out to the little visitors.

So what's your plans for the holiday? Let us know what you're doing.

(Photo is of Bilerico contributor David Castillo getting ready for Halloween. David is also editor James Holmes' longtime partner. I think he should wear that wig every damn day from now on. Love it.)

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