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An Open Letter To Everyone Who Said "No"

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Jules Mayfield is an educator and activist who has worked with Mainers United/Equality Maine with the Yes On One campaign for the last seven months. Ze and hir partner have been engaged for seven months, as well, and hope to be married in Maine in March 2013. When ze is not working on gay marriage, ze is a Women and Gender Studies/Sociology student and CEO of an erotic film company.

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To everyone who ever said "no." To the ones with bags full of useless merchandise milling about a shopping district who claimed they had no money to give to my cause; to the ones who slammed the phone down in disgust, claiming they were tired of hearing about "politics;" to the ones who told me they would never, ever, under any circumstances vote in favor of supporting a love they thought was unlike and inferior to their own; To the ones who told me I was going to hell, that they were voting against it for my own good, that a vengeful god will punish those who use their bodies to love in a way some call "sodomy,"

Thank You

Thank you for showing me the virtues of perseverance, humility, and patience. Of believing in myself, and allowing myself to believe in a dream beyond the narrow scapes of fear, cruelty, and ambivalence. I am a stronger, smarter, and braver person for your existence, and I cannot thank you enough.

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To everyone who did give, who did vote for us, who did believe in this movement; I am likewise filled with a sense of humility.

For those who have never had to consider what it might be like to have others decide what rights you are qualified to have, without ever having seen your face, known your voice, or understanding the motives of your being, it's a heart-rending experience. Thank you for not letting me, and those like me down. And for seeing the larger picture of what it means to be part of the human experience.

To those who walked along side me as canvassers, volunteers, staffers, and other cohorts; to those who dared to brave some of the most vicious ugliness and vitriol human beings can impart to one another; to those who gave of themselves in the form of time, energy, creativity, ideas, muscle, and love:

You are some of the most important people in the world, and there will always be a special place in my heart for you.

Chosen family is hugely important to me, and that family has grown day after day as more and more people have joined this throng of dreamers, this cadre of beautiful, magical, bright, hardworking, insane, and (always) compassionate souls.

These words have been brewing in my heart for so long, and even now they fail to capture how I truly feel. Those thoughts are ineffable.

Much love,


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