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Homophobic Politician's Son Outed Brother During Constituent Visit

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Bogdanoff-team.jpegSelf serving Republican Florida State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff issued an e-blast yesterday to her campaign supporters to share how one of her sons has been always "been out there for me since he was 7 years old".

While I'm not sure if it was a play on words, it just continues to tell the tale of a spineless legislator who continues to dig her head deep into the sand and fails to lend a voice of leadership for LGBT Floridians in the state legislature where words like "uterus" can't be uttered on the floor of the House of Representatives.

My issue has never been Bogdanoff's son. In the comments section of my first article about this, one of Bogdanoff's campaign workers decided to go completely nuts in post comments and outed Bogdanoff's gay son.

Given Bogdanoff's campaign decided to out the identity of her son, I figured I would tell the story of how I learned Bogdanoff had a gay child that left Florida to live in a state where LGBT people are respected.

This past February, I accompanied dozens of pro-equality advocates as we descended upon Tallahassee to lobby lawmakers on the need to advance pro-equality legislation. One of the last visits we had was with State Representative George Moratis. Moratis opted to not show up for the meeting so we were left meeting with his legislative aide - who because of nepotism found himself employed on the state's dime. The aide's name was Matt Bogdanoff, Ellyn Bogdanoff's older and arrogant straight son.

Moratis is a deacon at a local anti-gay church that waged a national war against the gay community back in 2007 using Fort Lauderdale as ground zero for their cultural war.

During the visit the topic of the Marriage Protection Act, Florida's discriminatory constitutional amendment, came up and Matt in a disrespectful huff stated that he has a gay brother who had to move to Massachusetts to be happy. Months later Matt denied ever saying such a thing.

Our jaws dropped as Matt was so flip about his brother. It showed the lack of respect Matt and Ellyn Bogdanoff have for LGBT people and their outright failure to fight for the needs and rights of all their constituents. One advocate walked out in shock and expressed how heartless Matt Bogdanoff and his mother, State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, are towards their own gay family member who's rights are denied in the State of Florida.

One local elected official equated Ellyn Bogdanoff to a coward. A mother should be fearless to stick her neck out for all her children. While advocating for the rights of LGBT Floridians, there is no need say she is personally affected, but obviously Ellyn is heartless and willing to trade her son's rights for own political advancement.

In Broward County, over the last several years I have become close friends with a woman of incredible character and integrity. As a Mormon, she has courageously gone before our school board to argue in support for the inclusion and protection of LGBT youth in school board policies and other initiatives. She personally shared that she has a gay brother and has learned to love him even more - and she opened her mind to the inequities her family member suffered in Florida.

So while a Mormon woman has the courage to speak out publicly and risk being excommunicated from her temple, Bogdanoff continues to be spineless and doesn't possess enough leadership to advocate for her own son. While Bogdanoff may love her gay son, she certain doesn't love him enough to be a champion for his equality in our state's capital.

In Miami, even Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen came out for full equality, and Ileana shared how she was personally affected; she has a son who is transgender. I've met Ileana's son, and I can't even express how impressed I am with his amazing leadership in our community. I applaud Ileana for her leadership.

Voters of Florida Senate District 34 should kick Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff to the curb this November 6th. We need leadership and not another spineless politician unwilling to defend her own son from her party.

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