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Let's Walk Through Texas' Secession [Open Thread]

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There's been scads of chatter lately about a petition someone put up at the White House website asking permission for Texas to secede from United States. Now, now. Settle down. The answer will be no. texas.jpgEven Rick Perry isn't dumb enough to think this is a good idea.

Let's walk through what it would look like if somehow they managed to pull it off. They're outta here! What happens next?

We'd lose two Republican senators as well as 23 Republican and 9 Democrat House members. Sadly, that's not enough to give us the majority in the slightly smaller House. More than likely any Texans serving in the administration would also be jettisoned quickly.

We'd lose a lot of our major oil processing plants and energy costs would likely shoot the roof - at least temporarily. Of course, Texas is going to want some American imports too so trade negotiations would start immediately before we have to resort to black market swaps of Chicago style hot dogs for gasoline.

What else? What about on Texas' side of the border? What would they have to establish to even remotely have a chance of success? Business licensing alone would be a nightmare what with all of those American companies with locations in Texas.

What would you see as the main priorities Texans would need to accomplish to successfully secede?

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