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Look Who's a 'Leading Man' Now (But Always Was)

Filed By Bil Browning | November 09, 2012 4:00 PM | comments

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Congratulations to contributor Mark King for being named one of Instinct magazine's "Leading Men of 2012." I couldn't agree more; I'm honored to count him as one of my friends.

Unfortunately, I can't just link you to the section about Mark (or any of the other honorees) since they don't have any of the profiles on their website. Thankfully, I have a copy of the article after the break just waiting for you to read and learn about the wonderfulness that is my idol, Mark.

The other honorees include:

  • Shane Bitney Crone: The Bridegroom
  • Tennessee Loveless: The Color-Blind Creator
  • Justin Terry-Smith: The Positive Influence
  • Jeremy Hooper: The Good Guy
  • Brandon Morgan & Dalan Wells: The "Do Ask, Do Tell" Duo
  • Robert Levithan: The AIDS Elder
  • Stan Kiino: The Unifier
  • Tim Evans: The Viva-LGBT-Vegas Visionary
  • Ryan James Yezak: The Dynamic Director
  • Mark S. King: The Survival Guide
  • Patrick Wang: The Cinematic Economist
  • Lorenzo Thione: The Effective Entrepreneur
  • Marcus Lovingood: The Super Gay PAC
  • Richard Noble: The Pacesetter
  • Tim Nolan: The Compelling Creative
  • Lester Alem├ín: The One Paying It Forward
  • Mark Jiminez & Beau Chandler: The Marriage Mavericks

Clickety to embiggen.


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