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Nate Was There Too [Comment of the Week]

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Michael Rajner caused quite a stir in Florida when he started his series of posts about homophobic Florida state legislator Ellyn Bogdanoff. And when his first post brought out a commenter who mentioned that Bogdanoff's son is gay, Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgMichael took the blame.

In a follow up post, Michael explained that it was the commenter who brought the subject up, but that Bogdanoff's other son had already outed his brother during a constituent visit. Their mother, however, continues to vote against LGBT people - including her own son.

Nate Klarfeld

My name is Nate Klarfeld and I am the advocate who walked out in complete shock after our meeting with Mr Bogdanoff. I am a constituent of both Rep. Moratis and Sen Bogdanoff and the appointment was made in my name during Lobby Days for Equality Florida. Along Mike Rajner and our interns from the University of Florida and Florida State University, we heard Mr. Bogdanoff not only tell us that his boss would not consider taking the bill for Marriage Protection out of committee, but that it went against his religious convictions. He then went on to tell us about his brother who had to move to Massachusetts so that he could be happy. For Mr. Bogdanoff to deny this ever happened is folly since there were at least six other people present for the meeting. I am the son of Holocaust survivors raised as an Orthodox Jew, and my family has supported me at all times through all my coming out and accepting my life partner. I cannot imagine having a family like the Bogdanoffs, let alone let them represent me in Tallahassee.

So let's expand this a bit. How many other anti-LGBT politicians do you know that have queer kids? Let's name names.

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