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Youth Homelessness Edition [What You Need To Know]

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The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have partnered to create a valuable infographic about homelessness as it impacts youth, and LGBT youth in particular.

The statistics are sobering, and hopefully will provide a much-needed gut check for people who have taken to seeing marriage equality as the paramount struggle of the LGBT community. While marriage is an important right for a segment of the LGBT community (and yes, I'm including trans* people there quite deliberately), there remain a host of other issues and inequalities that, while perhaps not as mediapathic or clear-cut as marriage, desperately need to be addressed by both grassroots activists and the powerful engines of Gay Inc.

I came of age as a gay/queer person in the early 90s, and when I see statistics like these, the last two decades of progress in LGBT equality just seem to melt away. I'm reminded of kids I knew as a teen who had been thrown out of their parents homes, who lived on the street, and all to often had to making their livings there too.

Those are our children reflected in that chart, and the future of our community/demographic. We have to make the wellbeing of all queer/LGBT kids a priority, or we have no claim to all the rights and responsibilities of the equal citizenship that our community has been fighting for.

And now, here's what you need to know today:

  • The support of LGBT Americans may have been a critical factor in President Obama's reelection.
  • The Advocate has a slideshow of Pride celebrations around the world.
  • Looking at the complex topic of LGBT rights in China.
  • The Ali Forney Center is more than half way to their fundraising goal after their Chelsea drop-in center for LGBT youth was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
  • Marriage equality opponents spent over eleven million dollars in the four states that put the issue of same-sex marriage to voters in 2013's historic election, but were not successful in a single state.
  • Uruguay is considering transitioning the existing civil union law into full marriage equality for same-sex couples.
  • A hearing on a proposed Boise Iowa ordinance to protect LGBT people in the areas of housing, employment, or public accommodations, drew a large crowd.
  • Three men have been arrested for the murder of a gay man in South Africa. The murder is widely believed to be connected to the murder of at least eight other gay men killed in that country in the past two years.
  • The bigots at the Family Research Council are defending the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay scouts and troop leaders as protecting kids from pedophiles.
  • As part of Transgender Awareness Week, check out these fabulous video's from GLAAD sponsored I AM: Trans People Speak project.
  • The Transgender Day of Remembrance is coming up on Tuesday. I'm sure we'll have more coverage of that in the next few days, but for planing ahead purposes, here's a partial list of events around the globe.
  • Gods I'm tired of reporting on the damn East Aurora School District debacle, mostly because it started out so uplifting. Anyway, the Illinois Family Institute, a designated hate group, is pulling out all the stops in their campaign to demonize, dehumanize, and bully trans* people.
  • GLAAD takes the New York Times to task for not disclosing the radical agenda behind Tony Perkins.
  • Finally, the adorable Jesse Tyler Ferguson teaches us how to tie a bow tie.

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