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Looking To 2013 [Open Thread]

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earthrise.jpgIf you've spend any time at all on the web, watching TV, or listening to the radio the last few days, you've likely been assailed by a torrent of 2012 year-end retrospectives. This has, after all, been quite a year of extremes; one that featured great highs, and terrible lows for our nation and the world.

Year-end retrospectives always remind me of digital photography. One thing about the shift to digital pictures that I dislike is the ability to instantly reflect on the immediate past. With the advent of digital photos, we have the ability to look at a picture of something just after, or even while it's still happening.

There was something magical about the old days, when one would shoot seven or eight rolls of film over the course of a trip or event, and then have to wait to get the pictures back from a developing lab, or in my case, to get into a darkroom, before having a tangible artifact of the time past.

2012 isn't even quite done yet, we don't need the media to tell us all about it, or how we should feel about the year gone by.

So as the sun makes its way across the last sky of 2012, I'd much rather look to the future. In the comments below, tell us about 2013. What are your hopes, fears, plans, and predictions for your and our next 365 days?

(image: Earthrise taken during NASA's Apollo 8 mission is in the public domain)

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