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Perez Hilton Actually Is a Faggot: A Defense of Azealia

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Seth Kaye is a [white]boy #obsessed with bois, divas, Pokémon, and queer activism, among other things. He speaks for himself here: @SethEKaye

Perez Hilton is a douche and an obnoxious faggot in all meanings of the word (super annoying), and I'm ok with Azealia Banks saying so. azealia-perez.jpg

This is gonna be #TMTH and #TLFT, so listen up.

Azealz was just keeping it real - she is one of us (bisexual and a diva that knows her audience) so it's legit for her to throw such shade.

It's different when str8 rappers throw around faggot and no homo. But Azealz gets insider privilege. #SheCanDoWhatSheWant.

However, she clarifies: "A faggot is not a homosexual male. A faggot is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference."

*This* I find problematic. Here she clarifies that she is insulting his gender performance - acting female, specifically the ACT - and the mismatch between that and his sex (male). I'll admit Perez is annoying as hell, but this gendered comment bothers me. It's heterosexist & transphobic for her to insult Perez for acting femme/flaming and childish/immature - not because he isn't those things, and those things aren't annoying (they often are) - but because she assigns those things as feminine and therefore bad/less than.

More importantly tries to insult him further because those bad things are gender transgressive. She genders him female and denigrates him for not acting "properly" male (like a girl). In this case, I can see GLAAD's argument that any use of the word in this way normalizes anti-female and anti-trans sentiment. So that is what is harmful about this comment.

That said, I ain't even mad tho. #NBD. #triflin. #itsahairflip.

Had she said "actin like a bitch" I prolly would have cared even less because bitch is used so often I feel like it's mostly degendered.

Interesting she points out the racial dimension: "I've never gotten this much attention for saying ni[cca]." That's pretty valid - is it less bad? Does insider status count more? Why am I not willing to copy/RT her words verbatim?

Similarly, why didn't we care when her cunt was gettin eatin? How do cunt, bitch, faggot, and dyke compare? and with The N Word? Why is this word different from all other words?

Some have pointed out that other (str8 male) rappers who have also said faggot or no homo don't get called out as hard, swiftly, or with as much effect (there were now debunked stories of her losing her record deal with Interscope) - see Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye and most other big male rappers. So the condemnation itself is gendered/raced. Hmmm.

What I find most problematic is not the gender issue, but when she tells Perez to go kill himself. That is out of line. I know he's had it worse before, but encouraging suicide, especially given the prevalence of it as a result of antigay bullying (seemingly what this incident was about), is just fucked up.

All in all it's a stupid publicity stunt. But fake controversy over faggotry started Perez ( so it's a tried and true method to be a #famemonster, so kudos for a good publicity campaign.

I'll be sure to dl her album when it drops, like a good #faggot.


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