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Future of the WYNTK Edition [What You Need To Know]

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I missed last Friday's What You Need To Know due to an inexplicable internet outage in my area, followed immediately by the biggest single snowstorm I've ever lived through.

My town-of-residence, Gorham Maine, had the highest snowfall total in the state, and after above freezing temperatures all day, my little antique VW is only just now poking his black carapace out of the mountainous snow drift that swallowed him up. Such is the privilege of working from home and having a partner who drives an SUV.

Unfortunately, this will also be my last What You Need To Know segment until Wednesday the 20th. My day job is as programing coordinator and assistant producer for an event company that produces four large events per year. Our next is happening this Valentines weekend in Washington DC, and I'll be heading down in two days and not returning until late on the 18th or 19th. I'm going to try to get in at least one other post in that time, but the WYNTK is particularly time consuming to assemble, and I'm not anticipating having the mental or chronological resources to do so.
In the time since I took over writing the What You Need To Know I've developed a bit of a pattern to these posts. As a rule, each begins with an editorial on some recent news article or current event. Then comes the links themselves, which should include at least ten links covering a range of interests to the LGBT community, some of which are currently trending in LGBT media, and some which may be easily overlooked. Finally, whenever possible I end with an embedded video.

It's no secret within the editorial team that this segment isn't exactly a big traffic driver, but as The Bilerico Project has focused more and more on long form journalism and editorials, the What You Need To Know has remained our way of exposing readers to more items of interests than our bloggers felt compelled to write about in greater detail.

Which brings us to an important question: what do you, the Bilerico readers, most like, dislike, and want to see from this segment in the future, and/or would you like to see it continue?

Post your thoughts in the comments and here's what you need to know today:

  • NPR continues to report on the "gay rights movement" with as little acknowledgement of trans* people as humanly possible, including engaging in trans* erasure when talking about the murder of LGBT people of color.
  • Talking about the issues facing black LGBT elders
  • A group of students and parents asked Sullivan High School in Indiana to ban gay students from prom. After the school refused they decided to hold a straight prom of their own.
  • Soledad O'Brien is the latest media figure to go to the mat with an anti-LGBT bigot when she took on Tony Perkins for implying that gays are a threat to children.
  • Chicago now has a clinic specifically for working with trans* and gender variant children and their families.
  • The New Republic puts Russia's proposed "anti-homosexual propaganda" law into a troubling historical context .
  • An Ohio mayor has resigned after the chief of police in her village made it clear that her homophobic behavior was unacceptable and put the village at risk for a law suit.
  • The head of Russia's Committee on Family, Women and Children plans to introduce a measure that would ban LGBT websites on the grounds that they could be accessed by children.
  • A gay couple writes eloquently on their own experience as Eagle Scouts, why they incorporated the Scouts's Oath into their wedding vows, and why embracing tolerance is the way for the BSA to go.
  • The Canadian International Development Agency has suspended funding for an evangelical Christian organization working in Uganda and advocating against LGBT people on their website.
  • Thirty people were arrested when the police in Mumbai India raided a gay party.
  • The Turkish military plans to implement a Don't Ask Don't Tell-style policy ousting openly gay service-members.
  • Stonewall University is raising funds to become the first university aimed at LGBT students.
  • Author Harry Mark Petrakis reflects on a time when a forbidden marriage almost tore his family apart, giving context to today's struggles around marriage equality for same-sex couples.
  • Lauren Drain, once a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, recently posed for the NOH8 campaign.
  • The New York Times recaps the complex web of tax law that married same-sex couples have to navigate.
  • Mike Moroski was the assistant principal at a Cincinnati Catholic school until he wrote on his personal blog that he strongly supported the right of gay people to get married. At which point he was removed from his position.
  • Mr. Moroski's post about why he chose not to recant his pro-equality statement is also worth a read.
  • The chairman of Iowa's GOP has reaffirmed his party's opposition to same-sex marriage, branding Democrats the "gay marriage party."
  • Comparing an equality organization to the KKK, a restaurant in Arkansas refused to allow the group to hold an event there.
  • The captain of MIT's baseball team recently came out to a refreshing lack of sturm und drang.
  • Particularly for LGBT people, the traditional newspaper definition of "survivors" may just be too narrow when it comes to writing an obituary.
  • Writer and comedian Guy Branum gives the homophobic players of the San Francisco 49ners a talking to about homophobia in sports and sucking at football:

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