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Oscar Afterglow Edition [What You Need To Know]

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As someone who doesn't oscars-statues-image-1.jpeg a television, I missed out on Sunday night's Academy Awards. Although thanks to the internet, I did see the sixteen minute long, and very bizarre "Seth MacFarlane rips off the Tony Awards with a little help from Captain Kirk" opening.

Of course, given that going to the movies is quite challenging due to my Tourette, the Oscars are more of a culture happening for me as a queer man than an actual contest whose outcomes I'm in any way invested in. So in that sense, I suppose it is something of a "gay Superbowl," except these stars wear more interesting outfits and get their brain damage from booze and drugs instead of repeated blows to the head.

Did you see the 2013 Academy Awards, and if so what did you think?

And now, here's what you need to know today:

  • A bill filed in the Texas House of Representatives would cut %7.5 of state funding for school districts offering domestic partner benefits to the partners of same-sex employees.
  • CNN ran a surprisingly decent piece about joblessness and unemployment in the trans* community. h/t to The Advocate
  • The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that a woman who was co-parenting with her now ex-partner is entitled to parental rights despite not having a biological tie to their children.
  • The chair of the Illinois GOP is in danger of loosing his position after he spoke publicly about his support for marriage equality.
  • The newly re-elected president of Ecuador took a few moments out of his victory speech to apologize to the LGBT community for some ugly things he'd said earlier. h/t to Towleroad
  • On Meet the Press Republican governor of Louisiana and likely future GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, rebutted Jon Huntsman's recent claim that Republicans needs to embrace LGBT equality in order to remain relevant in a changing social climate.
  • An Indiana UCC pastor has created a space for people to post video messages affirming and supporting LGBT youth as a response to statements from a local teacher that LGBT students don't have a purpose in life.
  • New Jersey state Democrats are working on putting together the required votes to override Governor Christie's veto in order to legislatively pass same-sex marriage.
  • The New York legislature will once again look at employment protections for trans* people, and this time Democrats may have enough votes to pass such a bill despite GOP opposition.
  • The Obama Administration filed a brief with the US Supreme Court arguing for the rejection of DOMA. Given Court's ideological makeup, it remains to be seen if the move will bear fruit.
  • Once again the names and photos of gay Ugandans have been made public by one of that nation's tabloid papers.

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