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My friend Josh and I drive people nuts with our communication style. Our conversations and texts may seem like gibberish or nonsense to most people, but we manage to get our points across without any trouble.

josh-text-1-3-clip.jpgOur senses of humor are similar and we tend to amuse ourselves. While I tend to try to maintain some level of professional standards on the site now (although God knows where that level is), longtime readers will recognize more of my personality that's slowly shifted over to Facebook from the blog.

After my heart surgery slowed my pulse dramatically, the doctors warned me that it would likely kill my high metabolism. After last week's doctor appointment, their prediction came true when I realized I'd gained 12 pounds in about two months.

Our gay neighbor, Ed, is very healthy and goes to the gym all the time. I texted him immediately and begged him to take me to the gym with him so he could teach me how to workout. The last time I saw the inside of a gym was during 9th grade PE class. Ed agreed I could come along to his Saturday morning boot camp class.

Of course, I immediately posted about it on social media and praised Ed for agreeing to take on a sad sack like me as a boot camp buddy. Yesterday morning, we walked to his gym and I took my first steps toward a happier and healthier life. Or something.

My texts with Josh about the experience are after the break. These are pretty clear. No gibberish. Just nonsense.


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