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What's Your Favorite Blog?

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I've been pretty darn pleased with myself this week. I've been a Wonkette reader for some time and I kept telling Jerame that he'd love it if he added it to his daily RSS roundup.

Wonkette reminds me of my former favorite blog, Indiana's Taking Down Words, a hysterically funny takedown of Hoosier politics written in a Thumbnail image for Blogging_monkey.jpgsarcastic and scathing tone. Alas, TDW closed up shop years ago, but Wonkette is a more than worthy successor.

I'll admit that I've not been keeping up with most blogs like I used to. My reading habits have changed over the years. Back in the day I when I was first starting my own site, I would read Towleroad daily. Now I can barely stand to glance at it unless Andrew Belonsky is writing that day. I'm not after an aggregator service; I want real thoughtful content. I can get news bites anywhere and only Andrew provides real articles there.

Some blogs, like Joe.My.God., have remained constant favorites. I enjoy Joe's voice even thought it's mostly an aggregation site as well. His personality more than makes up for the length of the posts. He makes the news amusing instead of just a dry roundup like Towleroad.

Others, like Wonkette or AmericaBlog, weren't really on my radar in the beginning but have risen in my estimation. Still, I've found myself drawn mostly to non-LGBT and non-political blogs lately like Savage Chickens, Gawker, or Scouting New York. I think I'm a little burned out on queer issues and politics. Maybe that's why I haven't felt such an overwhelming need to publish my own commentary on current events lately.

So what's your favorite blog? Since I'm searching for new favorites to replace my old standbys, I'm hopeful I'll pick up some new daily reads from y'all.

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