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What You Need To Know for 4/8/13

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Here's what you need to know for Monday, April 8 2013:Thumbnail image for bigstock-What-You-Need-To-Know-10649690.jpg

A gay South African couple has been married in what's believed to be the nation's first traditional tribal-influenced wedding.

The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS has issued a series of concrete recommendations to address HIV/AIDS in the trans* community.

Lesbian asylum seekers in the UK are being subjected to "inappropriate and insensitive" questions that appear to be based on outmoded stereotypes of lesbianism in western countries.

In what many see as a prime example of "too little too late," the Indigo Girls have announced that 2013 will be their last Michigan Womyn's Festival appearance unless the festival reverses it's exclusionary policies against trans* women.

Statistician Nate Silver breaks down the data behind the rapid shift towards supporting marriage equality among US senators.

The GOP's embrace of adulterer Mark Sanford, while at the same time criticizing Republicans who embrace marriage equality, reflects a bizarre cognitive dissonance within the party.

Despite the brutal and useless procedure being banned, Lebanese security forces are still making men undergo "anal probing" to ascertain if they are gay.

NOM will be going before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in the coming week as the anti-gay organization continues to fight a Maine campaign finance law that requires them to disclose their donor list.

A heartbreaking and extremely valuable rebuke of the idea that gay people should enter into heterosexual unions.

Amelia (one of my favorite bloggers) explains why "accepting" and "tolerating" a gay child just isn't good enough.

Paul Cameron said some more stupid, false, and incredibly offensive things about gay people, using his trademark made-up statistics, during a speech at the National Press Club

Rand Paul plans to keep the marriage equality debate going for "another couple of decades," after which he predicts victory for equality opponents.

Finally, this laugh-out-loud-funny clip from Whose Line Is It Anyway contains a bit of gay fan-service:

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