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A Homegrown Hoosier Hunk

Filed By Bil Browning | May 29, 2013 11:30 AM | comments

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james-reddick2.jpgWhile most of the time I'm forced to hide my head in shame over the way people from Indiana show incredible ugliness toward LGBT people, here's something that really "perks up the spirit." The new CBS reality show "The American Baking Competition" has a contestant that's a certifiable Hoosier hunk. Ugly, he is not.

James Reddick comes from a tiny town (pop 1200) just south of Indianapolis and his profile in the Indianapolis Star is the stuff tabloid celebrity profiles are made of. Of course, you can tell exactly how hot he is and how the locals are swooning from the Star's headline: "Hoosier James Reddick will prove baking is 'sexy' on new 'The American Baking Competition'."

The profile highlights Reddick's uber-manly baking skills, his sexiness, and his love for other manly things like motorcycles, rock climbing, and adventure - you know, the stuff of manly men who are manning all over the personal ads. But at no point in the interview is a wife, girlfriend, or gender of a potential date mentioned. However, a sidebar to the piece notes:

In an excerpt from his video introduction, James Reddick says: "I have found that women like when you can do things that they can't, and not all women can bake pies. So as long as you can only go on dates with women that can't bake pies, you're golden. So if you show up with a pie, and you're like, 'Oh, it's it's no big deal, I just whipped it up.' Then they're like, "He can make things, and he cares about me," which may or may not be true. But it seems like it, if you have a pie."

I'm not giving up hope just yet. Reddick is too damn cute to be a straight Hoosier man. The last reality star from Indiana was Austin Armacost on the trashy gay reality show "The A List." Austin's mother was arrested yesterday for stealing almost $700k from her employer and forging painkiller prescriptions. Now that's ugly.

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