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Celebrities Talk About Marriage Equality on the Red Carpet

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Frontiers Magazine contributors Renee Sotile & MJ Godges of Traipsing Thru Films and LGBT Hollywood have been on something of a mission since the Supreme Court heard arguments on Prop 8 and DOMA to get celebrities on the record about where they stand on marriage equality. Often the celebrities are so taken aback, they're answers are refreshingly candid and humorous.

On April 24, the married lesbian filmmakers went to the American Film Institute's AFI.com special "Target Presents AFI Night at the Movies" - a one-night only event where fans could see 13 classic films with the stars who made them. From their red carpet perch at the ArcLight Hollywood, Renee and Mary Jo shouted out to the stars as they made their way into the theatre asking their opinions about same sex marriage.

Video of the stars' responses are after the break.

Cher (Moonstruck) and Sally Field (Norma Rae, Steel Magnolias) answered in character, Shirley MacLaine (Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment) doesn't think of marriage at all, while Kathy Bates (Misery) noted she is about to play a lesbian and asked for advice. She got a hug from Renee. Harrison Ford (Blade Runner:The Final Cut) says "marriage equality is a good thing" but then is perplexed and shrugs when asked who would be his dream spouse in a gay marriage.

Kurt Russell (The Thing) - who has had a long, non-marriage with actress Goldie Hawn - had an interesting reply.

I really don't care about ... I think there's an issue that people aren't talking about with gay marriage. There's a lot of things that they beat around the bush with. My beef - I'm a libertarian, so my beef with advantages given to anybody because they happen to live together and have a ring and had a ceremony - I don't think married couples should get an advantage of any kind. So my beef isn't with - as a political move - is not with gay marriage, it's with why does anybody get an advantage over anybody else because they happen to live with somebody and have a family? I don't follow that. Do you think we should wipe our marriage altogether? No. I didn't say that. That's a bad jump.

At a private party for director Shannah Laumeister (Bert Stern: Original Madman) in Beverly Hills, Renee and Mary Jo talked with actor James Woods about marriage equality and got an interesting response.

"I say to my gay friends: 'Be careful what you wish for. Marriage ain't so easy.'" Woods says he's so straight, he can't image having a "dream spouse." But he does have criteria for a man he would admire. Mary Jo: "So the short answer would be Brad Pitt." Woods: "So the short answer would be me!"

Meanwhile, actress and longtime LGBT ally Cloris Leachman, who was honored at the Alliance for Housing and Healing Gala in Beverly Hills, became passionate in her support for marriage equality, closing the interview with a quick kiss for Mary Jo. Here's an excerpt:

"Eventually it will happen but we'll look back and think, 'Jesus, what is everybody thinking about?' How can you have love in your heart at all and think that way. How does it affect them? Not at all! Not at all! They're not touched by it. In no way."

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