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Help Me Write My Book

Filed By Bil Browning | May 17, 2013 11:30 AM | comments

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If you've seen less writing from me here on the blog, I can assure you I have a good reason. After years of saying I was rlly, rlly gonna do it (no, seriously, you guys!), I've started writing a book.

It's a collection of personal anecdotes told in a storyteller style and some of the pieces are based off of stories I've told here - like the one about my childhood pet chipmunk, or the story about getting fired for being gay and launching the web's first LGBT action in protest, or how one of my ex-boyfriends came back from the dead.Thumbnail image for books-about-publishing.jpg

I've spent most of the week either working for PR clients or doing research and collecting my ideas for other stories I haven't told. It's been interesting taking a stroll down memory lane by myself and trying to gather my recollections so I can go back to some of the other folks involved and see how they remember the event.

So here's the rub. I've been writing Bilerico since 2004 with almost 10,000 posts under my belt. There's no way I can remember what stories I've already told on the site. Many of you, however, have proven without a shadow of a doubt that you know the anecdotes I've shared on the site - long after I've forgotten talking about it.

That's where you come in. If you have a favorite story I've told, news I've broken, or issues I've covered that made an impact on you, can you leave a reminder in the comments section? Tell me what your favorite story is that you'd want to see in the book. Give me a link if you can, but general subjects are fine too.

After all, I wrote them for you. What better way to get help getting it all together than crowdsourcing the audience? Help me out below if you can.

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