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Anti-Gay MN Group Very Upset About Fake News Story

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Like most in the homophobic right-wing crowd, the Minnesota Family Council -- a Michele Bachmann-loving, hate group-affiliated, anti-marriage equality organization in the newly pro-marriage equality Midwestern state -- is very upset about the Boy Scouts of America's recent decision to stop excluding gay kids from membership.

So when Tom Prichard, the group's president (and a rabid anti-gay extremist), saw a news story about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia angrily resigning his position as a weekend BSA scoutmaster and burning his uniform in protest, he went straight to the group's blog to let supporters know about this latest outrage.

"Justice Antonin Scalia is upset with the recent Scouting decision on homosexuality according to this news story," he wrote. "Was this a big decision? Certainly if the goal of an organization is character and moral rectitude. One compromise will invariably lead to others."

The only thing is, the "news story" he was referring to is this post from "The Borowitz Report," a well-known satirical column published by the New Yorker and written by comedian Andy Borowitz.

Check out this screen grab:


Prichard's post is still visible on the MFC blog nearly one week after it was initially published, so he either remains blissfully ignorant about having fallen for a fake news story or has chosen to leave the post up, deliberately misleading his members rather than admitting he got duped.

Whatever the reason, it's pretty revealing that one of Minnesota's most outspoken homophobes -- and the leader of a statewide anti-equality organization -- is apparently so blinded by his own animus toward gays and lesbians that he doesn't think to perform a simple fact-checking Google search before posting a story that fits with his homophobic narrative.

Confirmation bias much?

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