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FL School Board Official Decries 'Homosexual Agenda'

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The other week when Jonathan Allen appeared on 'America's Got Talent' and shared his story of being rejected and abandoned by his family because of his sexuality, viewers were horrified with the cruel manner in which Jonathan's family turned their back. Jonathan then wowed the audience with his powerful voice and brought people to tears. It personally reinforced the notion that we are all God's children bestowed with miraculous gifts to appreciate and share.

Over the last several years, a tremendous amount of amazing work has been underway in Broward County, Florida at the Broward County School Board to address the unique needs of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. We know that LGBT youth suffer higher rates of bullying, homelessness, rejection of family, substance abuse, violence and more. LGBT advocacy groups have worked closely with education experts over the years to develop age appropriate model programs to respond to the unique needs.

LGBT groups collaborated with officials from the Broward County School Board to develop an LGBT critical resource guide and have been educating school administrators and faculty members. The guide has been praised - even by some initial critics.

This week, Broward County School Board members met in a workshop to discuss the formation of a Human Relations Committee. As with every meeting, the public is provided an opportunity to provide input. In the video below, you will find black helicopter conspirator Tom Lauder (who serves - and spoke without authorization - as the Vice Chair of the Broward County School Board's Diversity Committee) assert that LGBT groups don't have the best interest of our youth at heart. He asserts there is a homosexual agenda!

After viewing the video, continue reading after the jump for the text of Lauder's comments, watch my public comment before the Broward County School Board and more.

Tom Lauder aka Red Broward croppedLauder spoke as an official representative of the Diversity Committee when he identified himself as Vice Chair and didn't state that his comments are his own opinion and not that of the Diversity Committee's. The Committee never voted to express its opinion on the issue, but I suspect Lauder possibly engaged in conversations with a few fringe members of the committee to discuss the issue - and therefore possibly violated Florida's Sunshine Law prohibiting members of the same voting body from discussing matters without properly issuing advanced public notice of such conversation.

Below is the text of Tom Lauder's remarks:

For the majority of members, we are not playing politics. We are not looking for outside groups whose main goal are not children.

Love the ADL, the ACLU and LGBT, their mission isn't the kids, they have agendas of their own.

Over the years, Lauder, a Tea Party Republican activist/operative, has authored a blog called Red Broward that was recently shut down and rerouted to an online quote of Friedrich Nietzche.

Anyone who fights with monsters should make sure that he does not in the process become a monster himself. And when you look for a long time into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

Bipartisan politicos in Broward County have long despised Lauder's anonymous attacks and proven he engages as a cowardly mouse among men. His poorly researched blog posts have targeted and attacked me and dear friends - Democrats and Republicans alike.

I was among the last of the speakers at the school board workshop and below is the video of my public comment. I served for 4 years on a committee with a rich history of bigotry and homophobia.
While viewing, notice that Lauder was unable to control himself and exercise the Broward County School Board Characteristic Traits that include:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Self-control
  • Tolerance
  • Kindness
  • Citizenship
  • Cooperation

Lauder was initially appointed to the Diversity Committee by school board member Katie Leach and then reappointed by school board member Donna Korn. At the time of this posting, Korn has not returned my telephone call requesting a meeting to discuss the matter.

In 2011, Korn and Leach were appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to the Broward County School Board to fill a vacancy. Last year voters elected to return Korn and Leach to the school board where they have been supporters of broad sweeping initiatives - including LGBT History Month - to support reducing barriers of academic success for LGBT-youth.

Shortly after my providing public comment, Lauder or "Red Broward" tweeted:

RedBroward Bully Twitter Post

Donna Korn has been a good and fair-minded school board member and I hope that she will demand Lauder issue a public apology and educate himself on their great work LGBT organizations do to make our schools safer for all youth.

I encourage you to email school board member Donna Korn to share your thoughts on the matter.

(Photo of Lauder via MyActsOfSedition.com)

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