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GetEqual Protests at Speaker Boehner's Office Over ENDA

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GetEqual protesters went to the Capital today and stumbled over the Republican Party. Excited to have found politicians who are truly anti-LGBT, they quickly sat down and started yelling.

I jest. I jest. This is actually a protest of theirs that I think was done correctly, well targeted, and will get Republicans' attention. Let them worry that a bunch of screaming queers will show up with protest signs for a while; as more and more Republicans start to swing pro-equality, they're not going to want a legacy full of civil rights demonstrations in their offices. Some of the true believers will carry on, but it could be effective for some of the fence sitters who need a direct nudge.

Eight LGBT activists were arrested on Thursday after staging a protest outside House Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) office to demand a House vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
Eight individuals, including one of Boehner's constituents, went into Boehner's office on Thursday morning and asked for a meeting with either the speaker or his staff on ENDA, which would bar employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

A Boehner aide came out and agreed to hear their concerns, at first attempting to move the meeting into the hallway. When they refused, they stood in the lobby and told their stories of why they want the discrimination to end.

"I'm happy to pass along your concerns to the speaker, that you did stop by the office today. We appreciate you coming by. Thanks so much for stopping by," said the aide, who then left the room and shut the door.

The protesters then sat down on the floor and loudly chanted, "We are somebody! We deserve full equality! Right here! Right now!" until they were moved into the hallway by Capitol police. They continued to shout, receiving two more warnings. Then, one by one, they were handcuffed and arrested. Those who refused to stand up were dragged outside.

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