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What You Need To Know (6/30-7/6)

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Here are some news stories you might have missed from the past week:

  • With all the recent marriage equality news, the BBC reminds us of the wild story behind perhaps the first legally married same-sex couple in America.
  • Lawmakers in California have sent a bill to the governor for signature that clearly lays out the rights of trans* students.
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  • The trailer for a new animated film due out next year very matter-of-factly includes same-sex families.
  • (TW) Two men verbally and physically assaulted an LGBT identified youth on a NYC subway after that city's Pride celebration.
  • The DC Council has unanimously passed a bill removing the vast majority of obstacles that trans* people (such as my husband) born in the District faced when seeking to amend the gender marker on their birth certificates.
  • Now that same-sex couples in states with marriage equality will have access to federal benefits, Texas and other states with marriage bans may face a "gay brain-drain."
  • Although unlikely to survive a legal challenge, Costa Rican lawmakers "accidentally" passed a bill that could legalize marriage equality nationwide.
  • President Putin of Russia has signed a bill into law that bans foreign adoptions of Russian children by same-sex couples and unmarried people.
  • It's not precisely a recent story, but it's one you should know: apparently as long as the kid is trans* and the adult a reporter, the Philadelphia Police Department sees nothing wrong with an adult coercing a child into exposing their genitals, or with said adult describing those genitals in lurid detail in print.
  • Pope Francis and his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI have co-written a lengthly text reasserting the Catholic Church's opposition to marriage equality.

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