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Wisconsin Republicans Turning the State Into Texas

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American_Gothic.jpgJust in case Scott Walker's radical attacks on workers' rights and public employee unions, draconian restrictions on a woman's right to choose, malicious attacks on same-sex couples, or the lieutenant governor who says marriage equality would lead to human-clock marriage didn't give it away, the Republican Party in the state of Wisconsin is off-the-rails, batshit crazy.

The latest evidence of the Wisconsin GOP's utter derangement is the party's list of resolutions adopted at its annual convention earlier this year, which has been making the rounds on social media over the last few days. The document really has to be seen to be believed -- it reads like the description of an Alex Jones wet dream -- but if you don't have the stomach for something so nightmarish, here are a few lowlights highlights. (Put on your tinfoil hats, folks!)

This year -- in 2013 -- the Republican Party of Wisconsin:

  • Declared that the state should adopt "alternative standards for teacher licensing that do not require a degree in education or student-teaching experience" (because why should something as trifling as an education degree stop patriotic Americans from teaching in a classroom?);
  • Demanded that the federal government continue investigating the non-scandal in Benghazi (*eyeroll*);
  • Called on the Wisconsin Legislature to de-fund four-year-old kindergarten ( Urged the abolition of regional planning commissions, claiming that such bodies are "willing accomplices in establishing the United Nations [sic] agenda..." (Because BLACK HELICOPTERS!!)
  • Resolved that the U.S. government should abolish the Department of Education and "all federal [education] mandates and funding" (Oops...);
  • Expressed support for the patently unconstitutional legal theory of nullification, reminding "Wisconsin Lawmakers [sic] of their sworn duty to Nullify [sic] any Federal Law [sic] that breaches the Constitutional [sic] powers afforded to the Federal Government [sic];"
  • Expressed support for efforts to inject religious indoctrination and revisionist "history" into school classrooms across the state under the guise of "[ensuring] that the presentation of our history and founding Judeo-Christian principles in our educational institutions, including those of higher learning, is objective, truthful and complete;"
  • Falsely claimed that the citizens of Wisconsin -- a deeply purple state -- uniformly view Obamacare "as Unconstitutional [sic] by the citizens of Wisconsin and an abuse of the powers afforded to the Federal Government [sic];"
  • Strongly urged Congress to pass a law prohibiting schools from "forcing or coercing parents to put their children on drugs" and eliminating "government-mandated mental health screening of all children;"
  • Declared itself adamantly opposed to "underhanded attempts by government to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights" ('Murrika!) and
  • "[Urged] that if political issues are discussed, that multiple opinions be presented to represent a more fair discussion and to allow for debate." (Teach the controversy, guys!)

What a disgrace. This doesn't look like a document that could have emerged from a state whose motto is "Forward" -- no, this is something I would have expected to see come out of the democratic backwaters of Texas or Mississippi.

But the horrifying truth is that it did come from Wisconsin, a state that the GOP is bound and determined to remake into a well-armed, poorly-educated Tea Party paradise. And they'll quickly transform the Badger State into a northern version of Texas or a Midwestern Mississippi if Democrats don't stop them soon.

Wisconsin, like many other Rust Belt states, has been experiencing a mass exodus of young college-educated folks, otherwise known as a "brain drain." I know I speak for many of us who've left when I say that it's utterly tragic and positively mortifying to watch our once-great home state devolve further and further into regressive, knuckle-dragging mediocrity.

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