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Rankings: Which States Have the Biggest Penises?

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condom.jpegIndiana may have more than their fair share of redneck over-testosteroned idiots, but who knew the state actually was chockfull of big dicks?

A condom maker released a study about the sales of their custom fit rubbers and Indiana made the top five. (And by "study" I mean "totally scientific examination of all the facts without bias" and not "marketing shlock meant to inspire insipid blog posts like this one." Of course.)

The state came in at number four while Indianapolis measured up at #13 in the separate city rankings. Granted, while living there I always considered myself lucky to hook up with generously endowed gentleman, but I didn't realize they were in larger supply.

Condomania began marketing TheyFit condoms six years ago, a set of 76 varied sizes to provide a perfect fit. The data pool for this study has swelled to more than 27,000 men, enough to draw some tentative conclusions. The tumescent curve runs from 3" to 10", falling into a Bell normal curve with half between 5" and 6".

They don't give any specific measurements for cities or states, but the full rankings are after the jump.

(Hat tip to Jason for his Facebook link to the important "story.")

Top 20 US Cities with the Largest Average Penis Length

  1. New Orleans
  2. Washington DC
  3. San Diego
  4. New York City
  5. Phoenix
  6. Portland
  7. Atlanta
  8. San Francisco
  9. Chicago
  10. St. Louis
  11. Seattle
  12. Miami
  13. Indianapolis
  14. Columbus
  15. Boston
  16. Denver
  17. Los Angeles
  18. Detroit
  19. Philadelphia
  20. Dallas/Ft. Worth

All 50 States in Order of Penis Size

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Oregon
  3. New York
  4. Indiana
  5. Arizona
  6. Hawaii
  7. Louisiana
  8. Massachusetts
  9. Alabama
  10. Washington
  11. New Mexico
  12. California
  13. Arkansas
  14. Nevada
  15. Virginia
  16. Tennessee
  17. Illinois
  18. Oklahoma
  19. South Dakota
  20. Georgia
  21. Pennsylvania
  22. Mississippi
  23. Michigan
  24. Florida
  25. Rhode Island
  26. Kansas
  27. Maryland
  28. Minnesota
  29. Vermont
  30. Connecticut
  31. Wisconsin
  32. New Jersey
  33. North Dakota
  34. Idaho
  35. Texas
  36. Missouri
  37. Montana
  38. Ohio
  39. Nebraska
  40. Colorado
  41. Maine
  42. North Carolina
  43. Delaware
  44. South Carolina
  45. Kentucky
  46. West Virginia
  47. Alaska
  48. Iowa
  49. Utah
  50. Wyoming

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