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Video of the Day: Kazaky's 'Touch Me'

Filed By John M. Becker | August 29, 2013 3:00 PM | comments

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kazaky_touchme.pngI don't think I've ever outed myself in this manner on the Bilerico Project, but I must confess: I'm a big fan of Kazaky, the sexy high-heeled boy band from Ukraine. I love how these men bend and challenge concepts of gender and sexuality. (If you haven't seen "In the Middle," the video that made them famous, you simply must. It's amazing!)

That being said, I'm ashamed to say that I somehow missed the premiere earlier this summer of the group's newest video, "Touch Me." But I intend to make up for this oversight by sharing it with you, dear reader.

If you've ever had dirty thoughts during a TSA patdown (Eugene Delgaudio's worst nightmare!), fantasized about getting frisky at an airport (take note, Larry Craig), or if you just enjoy sexy men with accents singing and dancing around provocatively with their shirts off, you'll love "Touch Me."

Check it out, after the jump. (Side note: I'm glad these guys are Ukrainian rather than Russian, because this video would definitely qualify as "gay propaganda.")

And just because it's that awesome, here's the aforementioned "In the Middle":

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