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Ugly Russian Video: Gays Adopt Kids to Rape Them

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russian_antigay_propaganda_video.pngWant to know just how ugly things are getting for LGBT folks in Russia? John Aravosis over at AMERICAblog has uncovered a truly repugnant anti-gay propaganda video currently making the rounds in that country that claims, among other things, that gays seek to adopt children so they can have sex with them.

The video relies on the "science" of two widely-discredited "researchers," Paul Cameron and Mark Regnerus. Cameron, who the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a "one-man statistical chop shop," is the originator of (among other "facts") the completely bogus claim that gay people live several decades less than straight people do. He's been kicked out of both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association.

Mark Regnerus is the right-wing ideologue and researcher who produced the infamous New Family Structures Study, a religious right-funded political hit piece masquerading as legitimate science. Regnerus's study claimed that gays and lesbians make inferior parents, but was widely discredited for its flawed methodology, its wildly inaccurate conclusions, and its alleged partiality. The American Sociological Association directly repudiated the Regnerus "study" in a brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court; an auditor called it "deeply flawed" and said Regnerus was "disgraced."

Nevertheless, Cameron's and Regnerus's factually-unmoored "science" keeps cropping up all over the world, as this vile Russian video demonstrates. The video's producers went a step further than even Regnerus did, falsely claiming that his "study" found that 1/3 of gay and lesbian parents rape their children.

If you can stomach it, the video is after the jump.

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