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Who's Your Favorite Rightwing Fundie Nutjob?

Filed By Bil Browning | September 01, 2013 4:00 PM | comments

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pig-pen-peanuts.gifOne of the drawbacks to reading the constant parade of crazy and batshittery that emanates from anti-gay rightwing fundie nutjobs like stink lines from a cartoon character is that I always want to respond. Of course, fighting a battle of wits with an unarmed person isn't exactly productive and no matter how much you explain basic logic to a skunk, it'll never understand algebra.

My morning blow-your-mind moment of stupidity came via Linda Harvey - the head of a small media group called Mission: America. She's a regular columnist for rightwing websites and has her own radio show. In a recent tirade about how LGBT people are responsible for all of America's ills, she really lets loose with a torrent of doltishness. Making an appearance at today's spittle-flecked column: Only the left celebrates Martin Luther King Jr, gays only sue over discrimination to harass good God-fearin' folk, LGBT people are security risks that shouldn't be employed by the government, and the charge that transgender persons are "sad people dwelling in deep shame and despair."

I had my retorts and rebuttals all ready to go. I had it planned in my head how I would quote her and respond to each and every single solitary stoopid, when I realized "Who gives a fuck? Why waste my time?"

Instead, let's turn this into a moment of levity for the holiday weekend. Linda is the top nutjob that will get my blood boiling and prime my derp box. Which disciple of the "God-loves-me-but-he-can't-stand-you" mantra pisses you off the most? Lord knows we've got plenty of title contenders...

Maggie Gallagher? Porno Pete? Scott Lively? Tony Perkins? Bryan Fischer? Michele Bachmann? Linda Harvey? Eugene Delgaudio? You pick. But tell us why in the comments section.

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