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Browning vs Becker: The Nicening

Filed By Bil Browning | October 24, 2013 12:00 PM | comments

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Since John Becker has taken over as Bilerico Project's managing editor, many of you have written in with words of praise for his writing. Here's how the email/chat/personal conversations seem to go:

Reader: I'm really loving John Becker's posts and his take on the news.
Me: Good! What do you like about it?
Reader: He's so much nicer than you are. He's not as jaded yet. He's the perfect combination to balance out your bitterness and cynical nature.
Me: Okay. F--k off then.

Now I have to prove that I love small animals and care about hearts and flowers and global warming too apparently. I regret to inform readers, however, that I cannot poop streams of rainbow candy and unicorns have never come to visit me in my dreams. John will have to provide the bubbles for readers. I'll continue to pop them.

Glitter and goodness aside, I can still be nice when I want to. Sometimes. Like now. Here's a stupid compilation of the nicest moments of human kindness captured on video this year set to inspirational music written by that guy who plays the pan flute or something.

You're f--king welcome. Now shut up and stop bothering me; I have fairies to strangle. It's gonna be a busy afternoon.

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