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Homophobic Halloween Show at Universal Studios Hollywood

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superman_universal_studios.jpgEvery fall, Universal Studios Hollywood apparently produces a Halloween-themed show called Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure. It's usually filled with bad jokes, crude sexual slang, and pop culture references from the past year.

The show is also apparently intensely homophobic. Vice's Jamie Lee Curtis Taete reports:

"[A] witch accidentally sprinkles Superman with fairy dust, turning him gay... After becoming gay, Superman's voice and posture changes. His lips purse, his toes point inward, and his wrists become limp. His new voice sounds like a homophobic uncle doing a drunken impression of Richard Simmons, complete with lisps and frequent use of the word 'faaaaaaabulous!'

"...Then, because Superman is now gay, he minces over to Bill and Ted, blows kisses at them, and slaps Ted on the ass. As he does this, Bill and Ted say "awwww dude!" with disgusted voices. After a few more attempts at molesting Bill and Ted, Superman ends up aboard the Starship Enterprise, where he runs into Superman villain General Zod.

"General Zod tells Superman to get on his knees. Because Superman is now gay, he assumes this is an invitation to give Zod oral sex. "Finally!" he squeals.

"Also aboard the Starship Enterprise, the gang runs into George Takei. Because George Takei is gay too, he and Superman share an instant mutual attraction. 'Who's your friend?' asks George, in the same lisping, gay-minstrel voice that Superman uses. Before Bill and/or Ted can answer, Superman interrupts by yelling 'Hey daddy!' to George...

"George and Superman disappear to have sex. 'Time to boldly go where no man has gone before!' says George, as they exit the stage."

Mortifying, right? And during LGBT History Month too.

By the way, what Taete didn't mention is that after the gay-minstrel Superman character attempts to perform oral sex on General Zod, the disgusted Zod gay-bashes him.

Seriously. Two video clips from this disgusting show are after the jump. As you can see from the date of the first video, this shameful spectacle has been going on for years.

If you'd like to let Universal Studios Hollywood know what you think of this disgusting display, click here for their contact page.

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