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What You Need To Know (10/13-10/19)

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Here are some stories you may have missed in the news this week:

  • Four Chileans who brutal murder a young gay man, catalyzing the movement for a hate crimes law in that nation, were convicted of their crimes.
  • The origin of a widely reported and thoroughly debunked story about a trans* student harassing her schoolmates in the locker room, turned out to be a partnership between a right-wing anti-LGBT activists and the queen of trans-exclusionary radical feminism, Cathy Brennan.
  • The Australian Capitol Territory (ACT) is preparing to offer same-sex marriages, despite the possibility of a lawsuit by the federal government

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  • As marriage equality takes hold in New Jersey, the former head of the state Republican Party writes about why that's a good thing for the state and Republicans who live there.
  • Rolling Stone details how private religious schools, many of which have brutal anti-LGBT policies, are collecting public funds despite their discriminatory practices.
  • Because things are getting better: The openly gay homecoming king of a high school in Bismarck, ND has just started a GSA with the support of his fellow students and administration.
  • Tea Party leader Rick Scarborough thinks the nation needs a class action lawsuit against homosexuality
  • After a right-wing poster boy for the gay-based religious persecution of Christians in the military was cleared of charges that could lead to a court marital, the Family Research Council put him a position that transgressed a different military rule, making him up for court martial again and hence maintaining the narrative they've been promoting.
  • Officials in North Carolina are accepting marriage applications from same-sex couples in violation of the state ban on the practice.

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