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Young Boy Challenges Former Aussie PM on Marriage

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gillard_boy_marriageequality.jpgFrom the mouths of babes: former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a rare appearance at a Q&A-style forum last night at the Sydney Opera House. At the televised event, a young boy asked Gillard, who earned the ire of Australia's LGBT community by steadfastly blocking marriage equality, why she "didn't let gay people get married" while she was in power.

The boy's question received cheers, whistles, and thunderous applause.

Gillard's long-winded response essentially boiled down to the very same argument she's been making for over a year: I choose not to marry, so gays don't need marriage. (Gillard has had a male domestic partner since 2006.)

Yes, she is that stupefyingly blind to her own privilege.

Here's a partial transcript of Gillard's answer, via same same:

"I do understand that the position I took on gay marriage perplexed many people, given who I am and so many of my beliefs. I've actually had lots of conversations with many of my old friends about this - some of them have got a different view than me...

"But I'm a lot older than you, and when I went to university and started forming my political views of the world, we weren't talking about gay marriage. As feminists, we were critiquing marriage...

"I'm conscious that these views are dated and that the way people interpret marriage now is different... I think marriage in our society could play its traditional role, and we could come up with other institutions which value partnerships, value love, value lifetime commitment.

"I have a valuable lifetime commitment and haven't felt the need at any point to make that into a marriage."

What a cop-out.

Video of the young boy's question and Gillard's dodgy response is after the jump.

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