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'Healthcare For All' Includes Trans Healthcare

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stephen_beatty.jpgGLAAD and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project are teaming up on a campaign calling for trans-inclusive healthcare in New York. From GLAAD's website:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah are being called upon to overturn New York State Medicaid's regulation excluding transgender people from accessing care. Medicaid is meant to ensure that low-income people have the care they need to survive, and no one should be denied that just because of who they are.

Transgender healthcare isn't special healthcare. It's regular healthcare that non-trans people receive every day when they need it. Transgender health treatments are safe, effective and medically necessary for many transgender people. Unfortunately, healthcare is often denied to trans people due to misinformation and bias. By repealing the exclusionary regulation, Gov. Cuomo and Health Commissioner Shah can ensure that transgender people receiving Medicaid have the same access to essential care as anyone else.

The groups note that trans people face a staggering amount of difficulty and discrimination when it comes to accessing basic healthcare. 15% of trans people live in poverty (compared to just 4% of the general population), making everyday medical expenses out of reach for many. And 19% of trans people say they have absolutely no health insurance whatsoever -- not even Medicaid. Unsurprisingly, when trans people do receive the care they need, mental health improves, suicide rates decrease dramatically, and better health and employment outcomes are achieved.

GLAAD and the SRLP also released a public service announcement calling for an end to healthcare discrimination against trans people. The video features Stephen Ira, the trans son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.


Correction: It has come to our attention that Stephen goes by Stephen Ira and does not use the name Beatty. The article has been updated to reflect this; we regret the error.

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