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P-Spot Health & Toys [How's That Work?]

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Lucas Brooks is a New York City-based writer, sex educator, and performance artist. By day he sells sex toys and expands people's understanding of their own bodies and sexual health. At night he titillates and shocks on stage as boylesque performer Lucky Charming.

Since 2003, the month of November has been associated with mens' health. Many men spend this month participating in the "MOvember" movement, in which they grow mustaches to promote awareness of mens' health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer. Some even have web pages where you can sponsor their growing 'stache, and help raise funds for programs that focus in these issues.
Although I personally am not a huge fan of mustaches, I think the cause is definitely a worthwhile one. However, as a sex educator by trade, I am often disappointed with how little most participants know about maintaining a healthy prostate, and how little education goes into the campaign.

Therefor, I like to spend MOvember, or as I prefer to call it, PROvember, educating male-bodied people in proper prostate health and pleasure, in hopes that they may avoid cancer before happens, rather than just be aware that it's a problem.

You see, when a prostate gland is unattended for quite some time (as many are in our society) the gland hardens and becomes more vulnerable to cancer. Regular massage can help keep that gland soft and healthy. And this involves... yes, putting something up your butt. But don't worry, it's fun!

The prostate is located inside the anus, about two inches in (varying from body to body, of course) and towards the belly-button. It responds to rhythmic stimulation, such as rocking or tugging. Your fingers make great prostate massagers, as long as you hold them in the legendary "come hither" position (two fingers tend to be ideal for this activity). However, there are dozens of swell prostate toys on the market that I highly suggest you experience.

When looking for a perfect P-spot toy, keep an eye out for a dramatic curve, so that you can reach that special spot without too much difficulty. Also make sure it has a flared base, or at least a well-defined handle, to be sure that nothing will get lost up there! Some butts, especially those which are new to exploration, can have a mind of their own.

Harder, heavier materials are generally more ideal for putting the perfect pressure on the P-spot. Aneros makes some of the most brilliantly crafted prostate massagers on the marker. They are often made of a high-quality hard plastic, and operated hands-free by clenching and un-clenching your sphincter muscles. However, if you think you can handle stainless steel (and you should) I cannot recommend the NJoy Pure Wand highly enough. It's super smooth, super heavy, and great for giving your prostate a nice aggressive tug.

If you prefer to start off with something softer, I might steer you in the direction of the Naughty Boy by Rocks Off. It's a soft, medical-grade silicone product with a bullet vibrator, which helps sooth any anxious anal muscles and gives your prostate a delightful tingle.

Whichever device you may go exploring with, make sure it is accompanied by a nice, thick lubricant. Your butt does not come with its own lube, so you will need to add plenty (more than you think you need. There is no such thing as too much.) Maximus and Sliquid Sassy are some of the best lubricants on the market for anal play of any kind. Gloves are optional, but definitely make for safer play, and much easier cleanup.

This may be foreign territory for some people, even for those who are used to and enjoy penetrative anal sex, but I highly encourage you to take some action this (and every) PROvember, and show your P-spot some love.

It's good for you, it feels fantastic, and of course it's a great activity to do with a friend too!

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