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There's More Than Corn in Indiana

Filed By Bil Browning | November 23, 2013 1:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Cirque du Soleil, gymnastics, Purdue University, shirtless men

I realize that a lot of my reporting over the years has painted Indiana to be an anti-gay paradise full of religious right nutjobs and ill educated, gun toting, conservatives who like to wrap themselves in their own personal version of the Constitution. But, as they say at Indiana Beach (yes, there really is one!), there's more than corn in Indiana.

To prove it, here's the Purdue University gymnastics team lip-synching to some song or another because who gives a crap. There's a bunch of guys with their shirts off and their arms and legs flying around like a Cirque du Soleil orgy.

Notice the guy in the blue shorts. Of course he's a gymnast with a bounce like that! In fact, there's really no way to admire him enough. He twists. He turns. He dances. Badly. He's versatile enough to throw his legs in the air and still swagger and swing like a pro(fessional gymnast, you perverts).

Someone should really set up a shrine or a porn site or at least a heartfelt homage to his beautiful sweet sweet smile. Oh, someone already has. Bravo, Buzzfeed. Bravo.

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