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Boehner Thwarts Senator Who Blocked Anti-Gay Hearing

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Mike Airhart is the founder of and a newswire editor and content syndication professional with 20 years of experience in newswire editing, newsroom technology, mobile media, product development, and client support. Mike has written extensively on scandals and deceits of the Christian Right dating back to the 1980s, as well as rape prevention, hate crimes, HIV, immigrant rights, social prejudice, and economic injustice; his work has appeared in Sojourners magazine, Newsweek, and local news publications.

In the 1980s, they supported the slaughter of liberal Catholics and indigenous tribes in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and defended apartheid in South Africa. Three decades later, the far right is still allegedly destroying evidence of its human-rights crimes.

Operating today under the banner of the World Congress of Families, the same U.S. far-right organizations that lobbied for aid to Nicaraguan contras and Salvadoran death squads are now aiding anti-gay violence and imprisonment in Russia -- and seeking ways to re-import that culture war back to the United States, in order to save what they call the "natural family."

The WCF had planned a Capitol Hill symposium for today (November 15) that would tout recent victories for antigay coalitions in Australia and Africa, and promote rising voices in the Christian Right:

The New Civil Rights Movement offers a rundown of these activists' recent antigay campaigns.

On Thursday evening, however, BuzzFeed reported that Illinois Senator Mark Kirk's office canceled the WCF's access to a Senate meeting room, after protests by the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT activists such as Melanie Nathan.

Larry Jacobs, managing director of the World Congress of Families, responded to BuzzFeed: "Obviously Senator Kirk doesn't care about families and children and freedom and has chosen to side with the policies of decline, death and disease promoted by the Sexual Radicals."

A spokesman for Kirk, Lance Trover, replied, "Sen. Kirk doesn't affiliate with groups that discriminate."

WCF member groups support legislation in Russia that:

  • prohibits families from discussing sexual orientation
  • prohibits public discussion of sexual orientation
  • silences religious groups that oppose antigay discrimination
  • bars adoption and child custody by gay parents
  • subjects violators to long stays in prison

UPDATE: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) intervened and provided the antigay coalition with meeting space, according to an update from Buzzfeed. Boehner spokesman Michael Steel reportedly said that providing meeting space did not imply that Boehner supports their views.

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