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Jon Stewart Demolishes 'War on Christmas,' White Santa

Filed By John M. Becker | December 13, 2013 5:30 PM | comments

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jon-stewart-black-santa.pngIt's the holiday season in the United States, and you know what that means: privilege tantrums from the folks at Faux Noise Fox News, who've been working overtime for the past eight or so years to try and make the "War on Christmas" happen.

Two of this year's most eyeroll-inducing moments came on Wednesday, courtesy of Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. Carlson, whose Christmas zeal is so intense that she once said "I'm all for free speech and free rights, just not on December 25th," was outraged -- outraged! -- about a Festivus pole made of (gasp!) beer cans that a Florida atheist erected in the state capitol building.

Not to be outdone, Kelly patronizingly dismissed a recent Slate article that made brief mention of a dark-skinned Santa Claus. She went on to reassure any kids who might be watching that they needn't fear -- "Santa just is white..." just like Jesus.

Seriously. (We wouldn't want them to have any nightmares, would we?) "Just because [a white Santa] makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn't mean it has to change."

Needless to say, these moments provided perfect fodder for everyone's favorite late-night comedian, Jon Stewart.

Watch the epic takedown by Stewart and Senior Christmas Historical Accuracy Correspondent Jessica Williams, after the jump.


Of course, an historical Jesus, being a first-century Palestinian Jew, wouldn't have been a white man either. He would have looked like this:

But why let a few inconvenient details get in the way, right?

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