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Vladimir Putin Robustly Defends 'Gay Propaganda' Ban

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"And it is absolutely objective and understandable for a country like Russia, with its great history and culture, with centuries of experience, [to defend itself against] the so-called 'tolerance,' sexless and barren...

"Nowadays, in many countries, revised norms of morality and national traditions, are erasing the differences of nations and cultures. Now it's demanded from society not only the common recognition of the right of everyone to freedom of conscience, political views and privacy, but also the obligatory recognition of an equivalence, as strange as it may seem, between good and evil...

"Such destruction of traditional values...leads not only to negative consequences for societies, but also is fundamentally undemocratic as it's enforced on the basis of abstract ideas, against the will of the majority, which does not accept the changes which are happening and doesn't accept the proposed revision.

"And we know that in the world there are more and more people supporting our position on the defense of traditional values, which were the spiritual, moral basis of civilization and every nation for millennia: the traditional family values, true human life, including religious life, not only material life but also spiritual values of humanity and diversity of the world.

"Of course, this is a conservative position. But [quoting philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev]... the meaning of conservatism is not that it prevents the movement forward and upward, but that it interferes with movement back and down to the chaotic darkness, and a return to the primitive condition."

-- Russian President Vladimir Putin, robustly defending the country's crackdown on LGBT rights in his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly (Russia's equivalent to the State of the Union Address). Translated from the Russian by D.C. LGBT advocate Anatoly Kazakov.

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