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Beck: If You Hate Gays, You Can't Be a Fan of Mine

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glenn-beck-facial-hair.pngOn his talk show yesterday, conservative host Glenn Beck again spoke out against Russia's draconian anti-LGBT crackdown. Beck responded to an interview Vladimir Putin gave to ABC's George Stephanopoulos where the president attempted to whitewash Russia's anti-LGBT human rights abuses and downplay the impact of its ban on so-called "gay propaganda." And Beck was characteristically blunt:

"Anybody within the sound of my voice that hates a gay person because they're gay, you have no place calling yourself a fan of mine. You are not a fan of mine, you have no friendship here, if you hate people because they're gay."

Sounds pretty good, right? But Beck's words are more than a little perplexing due to the fact that just before making this strong denunciation of homophobic hatred, he claimed, "I don't know anybody who is anti-gay."

Ummmm, excuse me? Pretty sure that's impossible: I myself heard Beck deliver a keynote address at last year's Values Voter Summit, the nation's largest gathering of religious right conservative activists. The VVS is hosted by the Family Research Council, an SPLC-certified anti-LGBT hate group, and Beck appeared there alongside such anti-gay luminaries as Michele Bachmann, Brian Brown, Sandy Rios, Mike Huckabee, and Ryan T. Anderson.

When Beck discussed the badges worn by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps and mentioned that homosexual prisoners wore a triangle that was pink, the audience of "values voters" infamously responded with laughter. (Because, you know, they made the queers wear pink. That's funny, see?)

But Beck doesn't know anyone who is anti-gay? Please.

In fact, as Right Wing Watch notes, anti-LGBT activists frequently appear on Beck's show:

We have no idea what Beck's definition of "anti-gay" must be if it doesn't apply to the people that he surrounds himself with since... his good friend Ken Hutcherson was probably best known for being a vehemently anti-gay activist who once called for a ban on the promotion of homosexuality.

And let's not forget that Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who has appeared on Beck's show numerous times, has said that "barbarism has sex in the canal through which dead, useless, waste material is excreted" and declared that people with AIDS should have been rounded-up and quarantined during the early days of the AIDS crisis.

And what about Beck's good friend David Barton, who has said that gay sex should be regulated by the government and asserted that it is a sign that a nation is going through a spiritual revival when it stops tolerating homosexuality. Barton has predicted that gay marriage will lead to people marrying dogs and horses and said that it doesn't matter what the Supreme Court rules, homosexuality ought to always remain illegal. Repeatedly declaring that homosexuality is "an aberration" that "violates the laws of nature," Barton has also proclaimed it to be "reprehensible" and "disgusting" and stated that science will never find a cure for AIDS because the disease is God's punishment for those who engage in "shameful sexual acts."

Whether Beck accidentally overlooked or intentionally omitted mentioning his long string of anti-gay friends, guests, and colleagues is anybody's guess. But if he really means what he says -- "you have no friendship here, if you hate people because they're gay" -- Beck is clearly going to have to purge a whole boatload of names from his Rolodex.

Watch Beck's remarks on homophobia, after the jump.

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