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Cute Animal Videos [Friday Afternoon Time-Waster]

Filed By John M. Becker | January 10, 2014 3:45 PM | comments

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Since I know many of you are probably bored at work, watching the seconds slip by and counting down the hours until it's time to punch out for the weekend, I thought I'd help you pass the time by putting up a post of the most adorable animal videos I've seen this week.

First up, here's a video of a sweet little Italian greyhound named Gonzo whose human companion dressed him up in a coat and boots for the first time during this week's cold snap. The results are adorable.

Next, watch what Lucky the Beagle does when no one's at home. Her human writes:

"A few weeks before she took a roast out of the oven that had been cooking for a few hours... So I set her up. I put some nuggets in the oven, pressed record and left."

We move from dogs to bear cubs, after the jump.

Check out this video from the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan of a baby panda being reunited with its mother. Apparently the newborn suffered an injury just after birth and had to be temporarily moved away from her mom and placed in a special incubator. When they reunited mother and cub, the cameras were rolling.

If this doesn't melt your heart, check for your pulse.

And now, in honor of the polar vortex, here's a series of videos featuring the Toronto Zoo's newest polar bear cub, who was born on November 9.

Here he is taking his first steps on Monday:

His first time eating from a dish:

His first time feeding from a bottle:

And finally, here he is making happy little bear sounds.

Have you died from cuteness overload yet? If not, at least you're a good ten minutes closer to the end of the day. Happy Friday!

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