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Man With Two Penises Answers Your Questions

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hows_that_work.jpgEver wonder what it would be like to have two dicks? If so, look no further: a Reddit user named "DoubleDickDude," who was born with a condition called diphallia, is answering questions on a thread on the site's "Ask Me Anything" section. (As you may have guessed, "diphallia" means "two phalluses.")

But first things first: no, this is not a story from The Onion. All AMA threads require proof, and DoubleDickDude obliged, providing photographic evidence.

As you can imagine, people have had a lot of questions. He apparently urinates and ejaculates out of both penises at the same time. One Redditor asked, "Have you ever peed and had both do the forked stream? That's a catastrophe with just one penis, I can't imagine how annoying it must be with four streams." DoubleDickDude responded, "Yeah it's happened and is twice as devastating."

The man is bisexual and currently in an exclusive relationship with an opposite-sex couple (a straight woman and a bisexual man). As you can imagine, having two penises enables him to engage in some pretty far-out sexual experiences (for example, receiving oral sex from two people at the same time and engaging in solo-double penetration).

He says he's noticed a difference in how men and women react to his extra cock:

Some [women] have been like WOW. some have been like THATS FAKE! some have freaked out like, called me names. Most are pretty curious, but i dont have casual sex anymore, i stopped a few years back. Didnt like the empty feeling inside after a 1 night stand. did a lot of those in my late teens. A LOT of them. but for the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. dudes NEVER change their mind, they always want it even if they're freaked out a little.

And there are complications to his condition as well. "My prostate gets inflamed if I dont ejaculate enough," he writes. "I'm probably the only guy with a legit reason to orgasm at least once every day or two days. My prostate gets stimulation from both cocks and creates a lot of seminal fluid. So when i cum it has to be squeezed every few days to get all the excess out. otherwise it feels bloated and painful."

DoubleDickDude says that the worst thing about having two penises is wearing briefs -- underwear that's big enough to contain his entire package is too big everywhere else, and he "fall[s] out of both sides" of briefs that fit his waist.

And the best part of having two cocks? "Having two cocks." Because duh.

To read the full thread (13,589 comments and counting), click here.

h/t: Deadspin

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