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Mayor Parker to Critics of Her Marriage: 'Get Over It'

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annise-parker-closeup.jpgLast week, Annise Parker took a few personal vacation days from her job as mayor of Houston, Texas to travel to California and marry her now-wife, Kathy Hubbard.

But in the cheapest of cheap shots -- the lowest of gutter-level politics -- knuckle-dragging Texas Republicans attacked, attempting to exploit the couple's wedding for political gain before the ink had even gone dry on their marriage license.

Houston Republican State Senator Dan Patrick, a conservative talk show host who's currently running for lieutenant governor, lashed out in a statement slamming Parker's marriage and her recent executive order extending domestic partner benefits to Houston city employees with same-sex spouses:

"I am not shocked that Mayor Parker decided to elope to California for a marriage that is unconstitutional in Texas. This is obviously part of a larger strategy of hers to turn Texas into California. She waited until after her November election to decree that the City of Houston will recognize same-sex marriages from other states. The Texas State Constitution defines marriage as between one man and one woman and Mayor Parker cannot change that. I fully support the lawsuit challenging Parker's edict and look forward to protecting conservative values as the next Lt. Governor."

Another local leader, Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill, intimated that Parker played politics with her wedding by waiting to marry until after she'd won re-election:

"I think it's all about her political agenda. She waited until after the election to do this for a reason, because she realized had she done it before the election and subjected herself to the will of the voters, she might not have been successful."

Yesterday, Mayor Parker finally hit back at her bigoted critics in an interview with KHOU 11 News. Her response? "Get over it."

Details after the jump.

From the KHOU report:

Asked about Patrick's criticism in an interview with KHOU 11 News, Parker paused as though she was choosing her words carefully.

"Dan Patrick's running a political campaign," she said. "And he wants to make the gay community a whipping boy in that political campaign. And he thought I was an appropriate target. He doesn't know what he's talking about. And I don't think that's unusual."

The mayor's jibe was so pointed, a press aide cleared her throat, an obvious signal the boss should tone down her comments. But it seemed Parker didn't care. Asked about Harris Co. Republican Chairman Jared Woodfill's accusation that she's "trying to bring California values to Texas," Parker chuckled.

"Mr. Woodfill is a little like a windup doll," Parker said. "I say something and he goes on TV and says this is something I planned. It's part of my grand agenda to promote gay rights."

Critics have questioned the wedding's timing, pointing out that it happened less than a month after she took office for her final term. Parker responded that she and Hubbard had agreed they would marry some year on January 16, the date when they privately committed themselves to each other.

"I took four days off," Parker said. "I had to leave my home state and make a little wedge of time to marry the woman I love. They can get over it."


Watch KHOU-TV's report:

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