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Notorious Bigot Sally Kern Slams OK Marriage Ruling

Filed By John M. Becker | January 16, 2014 10:15 AM | comments

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sally-kern-2013-marriage.jpgThe vile homophobic bigotry of Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R) is well-known. She first achieved notoriety back in 2008 when an audio clip of her claiming that the "homosexual agenda" is "the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam" made national news headlines.

Then in 2011, just days before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Kern doubled down on that repulsive claim in an interview with hate-group founder Peter LaBarbera. And she elaborated:

"Every day our young people... they're bombarded with 'homosexuality is normal and natural.' It's something they have to deal with every day. Fortunately we don't have to deal with a terrorist attack every day, and that's what I mean. [Homosexuality is] more dangerous, and yes I think that it's also more dangerous because it will tear down the moral fiber of this nation."

Such a gem of a human being, right? So it should come as no surprise that Rep. Kern is lashing out against a U.S. District Court ruling this week that struck down Oklahoma's constitutional marriage discrimination amendment. She told Tulsa's News On 6:

"Homosexuality is not a civil right, it's a human wrong. Homosexuals are saying 'This is who we are, this is how we're born.' And that is a... you know, you tell a lie long enough, people begin to believe it."


Typically ugly comments, to be sure, but is it just me, or does Kern sound much more resigned to her impending defeat on marriage equality than the defiant, self-righteous tone she struck in 2008?
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