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Utah Hunger Striker: I'll Single-Handedly Defeat Homosexuality

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trestin-meacham-suit.jpgTrestin Meacham, the 35-year-old man who made headlines earlier this month when he vowed to starve himself until gays could no longer marry in Utah, broke his fast after the Supreme Court intervened to pause same-sex marriages while the state appealed a pro-equality ruling from a federal district court judge.

But Meacham does not intend to go gentle into that good night. To the contrary, he says on his Facebook page that the experience illuminated his life's purpose: to fight Teh Gay until his dying day.

Read this and tell me he wasn't hearing the theme song from Chariots of Fire as he wrote:

Let's be clear about something, my mission, my purpose in life is to stand against the homosexual movement. Not to persecute or hate gay individuals, but to stand against and defeat the homosexual movement.

I will never stop, as long as I draw breath. I will stand against them when they attack the churches. I will stand against them when they attack individuals. I will stand against them in my old age. I will stand against them in sickness and health. They can kill my body, but my spirit will never submit to their tyranny. I will expose their hate and rage. I will expose their persecution of religion. And I will expose their hidden plans. This secret combination has made a powerful foe. This is only the beginning!

Ummmmm, Messiah complex much? Or perhaps Meacham starved himself into a permanently hallucinatory state...

In any case, when y'all go to your secret Gay Agenda Steering Committee meetings this week, keep your eyes open for a goony-looking Mormon. Make sure you have someone checking Gay Cards at the door. After all, he said he'd "expose" us, and we can't have anyone unmasking The Hidden Gay Plans!

Of course, since Meacham is apparently now a leading opposition researcher and expert on Teh Gay, he's taken it upon himself to straight-splain several other important points about "the homosexual movement" to all his conservative Facebook friends. Screenshots are after the jump. Check 'em out -- you might even learn a thing or two!

It's All For You, Homos!


See, homosexuality hurts everybody. The more gays are allowed to venture about in polite society, the more secondhand ghey will be floating around, infecting helpless children and hapless God-fearin' heteros. And then what happens? The little ones will all start giving each other mani-pedis and the men will all drop everything, don assless chaps, leave their straight marriages, and skip right down to the nearest bathhouse. And we can't have that, can we?

Biology 101


Actually, Trestin, the vast, overwhelming majority of people who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual report that they exercise no control whatsoever over their sexual orientation -- just like the majority of straight people, I presume. And the science backs this up: literally every single mainstream organization of medical and mental health professionals condemns efforts to change a person's sexual orientation as both ineffective and dangerous.

We discussed this at the last meeting. Perhaps you missed it.

Gays Think They're the Only Ones Killing Themselves


You know, Trestin, you're right: my community, my marriage, my very being "bullies" people like you. And I'm sure that all across the country, dozens of anti-gay Christians are taking their own lives because of this kind of "bullying" -- because they can't bear to live in a world where LGBT people exist as full, free, and equal human beings.

Why don't you bring some of their stories to the next Gay Agenda Steering Committee meeting? We can do an exchange: you bring stories from your community, and I'll bring some from mine. It'll be incredibly eye-opening, I'm sure.

And finally...

Oh, I get it now! I understand how he sees himself: in Trestin's world, he's that guy. Rrrrrrrright. Because equal justice under law = Nazi Germany.

All right, I've got nothing. What a profoundly disturbed individual.

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