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Russian Orthodox Extremist to ABC News: Stone the Gays

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abc-news-moscow-in-the-shadows.pngLast night, ABC World News aired a brief segment from reporter Terry Moran, who traveled to Moscow just before the Olympics to talk to members of the LGBT community there and visit Central Station, Moscow's largest gay nightclub.

The club and club-goers have been the target of a harsh spate of anti-LGBT violence. From ABC's report:

In November... two armed men tried to break into the club and left bullet holes through the front door. "They say, 'We would like to kill gays. We hate gays'," said [the club manager], describing the attackers...

Throughout November and December, Lishchinsky said, the internal ventilation system was rigged to attack patrons with water and, in some cases, toxic gas. There have been more than eight gas attacks, he said, forcing hundreds of club-goers to evacuate. A chemical report provided by the club showed hydrogen sulfide, a potentially deadly gas, was found in the dance room in amounts 75 times higher than acceptable Russian government safety norms.

In another attack, a group of 50 men strong-armed their way onto the property and went into the attic, where, Lishchinsky said, they destroyed the roof and stole property before engaging in a shoot-out.

A "morality patrol" van monitors the club, videotaping patrons as they come and go, which, Lishchinsky argued, is another form of harassment.

Moran also interviewed members of an extremist Russian Orthodox anti-gay hate group that calls themselves "God's Will." Dmitry Enteo, the group's leader, told Moran:

"To us, homosexuality is no different than pedophilia, necrophilia, scatology. It's a real plague, a real virus that needs to be destroyed. We need to stop this tumor so it doesn't metastasize... We want to introduce -- with the approval of the democratic referendum of course -- death penalty for those who want to promote homosexuality. They should be stoned to death, like God ordered."

A more extensive special report aired on ABC's Nightline.

Watch the ABC World News segment, after the jump.

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